I am the head of the Accelerated Computing Systems Lab.

We use bleeding-edge hardware to build new easy-to-program high performance systems with strong security. Our projects include new operating systems for  GPUs, FPGAs and SmartNICs, data-center scale OS for disaggregated architectures, new defenses against hardware side channels and speculative execution attacks, new compilers and runtimes for secure processors, distributed programs on programmable switches and accelerated machine learning. Our research results were partially adopted by NVIDIA, Mellanox and Intel. All our software is open-source and free.

I teach Intro to OS (046209) and Advanced OS (048961) in Winters, and Accelerated Systems (046278/236278) and Computer Security Principles (046280) in Spring.

I am always looking for ambitious students with a strong technical background, creative and original thinking, and a passion for building innovative computer systems using emerging hardware with real long-term impact on industry and academic research. I also have postdoc and summer internship openings.

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