Prof. Mark Silberstein
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+972 77 887 1503
Meyer Building, Room 1053
Viterbi Faculty of Electrical and Computing Engineering, Technion City, Haifa 3200003, Israel


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I am the head of the Accelerated Computing Systems Lab.

We use bleeding-edge hardware to build new easy-to-program high performance systems with strong security. Our projects include new operating systems for  GPUs, FPGAs and SmartNICs, data-center scale OS for disaggregated architectures, new defenses against hardware side channels and speculative execution attacks, new compilers and runtimes for secure processors, distributed programs on programmable switches and accelerated machine learning. Our research results were partially adopted by NVIDIA, Mellanox and Intel. All our software is open-source and free.

I teach Intro to OS (046209) and Advanced OS (048961) in Winters, and Accelerated Systems (046278/236278) and Computer Security Principles (046280) in Spring.

I am always looking for ambitious students with a strong technical background, creative and original thinking, and a passion for building innovative computer systems using emerging hardware with real long-term impact on industry and academic research. I also have postdoc and summer internship openings.

מידע לסטודנטים לגבי בחירת מסלול לימודים בפקולטה להנדסת חשמל

Baner SCSL lab. Baner Small SCSL lab.


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12 Dec, 2021 Congratulations to Alon Rashelbach, Lior Zeno, Haggai Eran, Igor de Paula and our collaborators for the acceptance of three papers authored by ACSL to NSDI'22!  Alon showed how to accelerate OpenV Switch using RQRMI neural nets. Lior, Alon and Igor showed how to build a distributed shared memory abstraction in programmable switches. Haggai showed how to virtualize congestion control in data centers.
14 Nov, 2021 Two papers accepted to ASPLOS'22: Revisor -- a system for automatic detection of speculative execution vulnerabilities on black-box CPUs: jointly with Microsoft Research Cambridge and TU Dresden, led by Oleksii Oleksenko and FlexConnect -- an infrastructure for direct p2p management of NICs from FPGAs: jointly with NVIDIA Networking (former Mellanox), led by Haggai Eran    
12 Oct, 2021 Two ML papers accepted: (1) how to train huge NLP trasformers using pipelines (ATC'21) and (2) how to train faster by using approximate tensor products (NeurIPS'21).
8 Nov, 2020 SpecFuzz, which allows to fuzz executables to detect Spectre vulnerabilities,  won the 1st prize in CSAW Europe competition.  Congtrats to our collaborators Oleksii Oleksenko and Christof Fetzer from TU Drezden!
30 Aug, 2020 The paper by Lior Zeno and our MSR collaborators on a Distributed Shared Memory framework for Programmable Switches (SwishMem) will be presented at HotNets'20!
17 May, 2020 The paper "A computational approach to packet classification" by Alon Rashelbach, Ori Rottenshtreich and myself has been accepted to SIGCOMM 2020! The paper introduces a novel Range-Query Recursive Model Index (RMI) which uses hierarchical neural network inference for packet classification and gains significant speedups over state of the art!
23 Apr, 2020 I have just been awarded the prestigious EuroSys Jochen Liedtke Young Researcher Award! This is fantastic recognition for the work I and my students have been doing!  
5 Mar, 2020 We are all grounded due to corona virus-related restrictions.
20 Feb, 2020 24th of February is the new deadline for the Eurosys Workshop on Systems for Post-Moore Architectures  co-organized by me and Zsolt Istvan. Submit your work!
20 Feb, 2020 Check out the arxiv paper on packet classification using neural nets!
17 Feb, 2020 Wild and crazy ideas workshop @ ASPLOS accepted two of our proposals: performing computations in network wires (mine and Pavel Lifshits) and using spiders to cool data centers (by Alon Rashelbach). While humorous and fun, these are real research ideas that might materialize one day.
14 Feb, 2020 Our paper on Mitigating Controlled Side-Channel Attacks on Intel SGX with minimal architectural changes has been accepted to EuroSys '20! Congrats to Meni Orenbach!
18 Dec, 2019 Our paper on the techniques to detect Specter V1 vulnerabilities via fuzzing (SpecFuzz) has been accepted to USENIX Security '20! Congrats to my collaborators  Alex Oleksenko and Christof Fetzer from TU Dresden!
25 Nov, 2019 Our paper on SmartNIC-driven server architectures has been accepted to ASPLOS '20! Congrats to Maroun Tork!
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